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Hykkals means that Talisman created by scholars to become free from life’s difficulties and to take prevention from problems like evil eye, witchcrafts. Talisman has a position in magical treatment, like tonics in English medicine and tincture in Ayurveda, so it is good to wear after solving your problems. There is a belief that, if anyone couldn’t complete processes to solve the problems also can wear this talisman but effect of this talisman will be poor. We made Talisman with the reference of Sheikh-Harrisnoorullahidhahlavi-Thangal’s book named “Hykkalathul mufeeda”. The power of this talisman is undeniable and unearthly for believers because it made by Islamic incantations, whispered spells like Khaseethathul-khuthubiyya, Khaseethathu-bhurudha, and floored in plates. The persons who didn’t believe in Khatmul-khuran’s power and person who protest Khuthubiyyath bhurdha no need to wear this. It is not good to use in atheist’s homes. We made unearthly powerful Talisman mentioned below:-